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Quinkee In UK

WELCOME …. Join us in the Quinkee Revolution
Passionate … Enterprising … Innovative

Who are we ?
We are Quinkee….. A Drinks Company with a difference. A complete service for three different types of Quinkee. Milk , Water and Savory.
Where are we ?
Our offices are based in Coventry and we serve Nationwide.
What do we do ?
We have developed an alternative to  the soft drink… which for too long has dominated as the only drink available to the takeaways.There are three types of Quinkee… Milk  Water and Savory. All three you can make in your takeaway. With Quinkee you can make up to 28 flavours in your takeaway. The cup is heat sealed so will not spill when you deliver it as part of your delivery. It’s as good as a can for delivery. The goverment are planning to introduce a sugar tax which will affect the sale of canned drinks .. but quinkee does not have any added sugar so will be exempt from the sugar tax.  It is more healthy as it is milk base rather then phosphoric acid which has associated health problems.

Whats the point of Registering ?

Buy registering we can keep you informed of new ideas in fastfood. Acesses to professional tutorials which will help you in maximising your effort in the takeaway. Also we have a special shop where promotional material is sold at bargian prices. This is only avialable via registering and after personally verified  you are a bonafide person who is  a takeaway owner. This shop is not accessible to the general public.


Quinkee UK
84 Holmsdale Road
Coventry CV6 5BJ
Tel: 02476 27 81 02

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