Quinkee  a new drink with fruit juice Poppers and Jelly Jelly.

With 28 flavours to choose form you can have almost have one flavour a day for the month.. Where else can you have this number of flavours. It is milk or water based. For the winter there is a Quinkee soup.

An alternative to soft drinks which is now shown to cause health problems with rising level of obesity in our society. Quinkee on the other hand is a healthy milk drink option or water based and has no added  sugar. Quinkee can be easily transportable as the top is sealed and therefore leak proof.

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Our Partners

Visit our partners. Me 2 Loyal is being launched in mid November 2016. It will serve just two websites Quinkee and Stoupid Pizza.

You can get many offers thus saving you money and will be able to give feedback on the shop . Stoupid Pizza is a new type of pizza which is an envelope pizza. Very convienent to eat when the person is on the go. Hence the original eating walking pizza

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